Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Back to Grunt Work...

Things are going well with the show: did an interview today, The Independent (free paper) ran a photo last week, and the Raleigh News and Observer included the show in their critic's picks for the week.

Back in the studio, or rather the kitchen, (as I have overflowed into the house today), I am sewing a new carrier for the Defense Mecahanism Coat.
For previous exhibitions, I have always driven the coat to its destination, and moved it around on an old comforter, which lowered into a specially made crate. Now that I am shipping the coat to Kansas City, I am working on a more presentable, professional and efficient way to move it from point A to point B without injury. Today and tomorrow I finish the carrier, reinforce the crate, and generally fuss over the coat, meticulously "neatening up" the parts that don't show, in case someone peeks. The exhibition in Kansas City overlaps with The Surface Design Conference, which means that REAL fiber artists will be looking at the coat (as opposed to artists who wandered into fibers, like yours truly), and I want it to be perfect.


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