Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ed Winkleman talks about keeping one's edge as an established artist. Some of his most interesting posts come up when I am too swamped to comment properly, and today is no different. I leave for Kansas City before dawn on Sunday.

Threat of Heavy Weather clean, press

Dream. check

Ebb. More subtleties, rephotograph

My Young Lover more hair?, check, curls, stand from Frost show

Oubliette I clean, frame, wrap

Defense Mechanism Coat airplane wire, tape for fuzzies, hook, hardware

Physical Memory/Last Goodbye Dress check

Fertilization Purse check, pearls, stand

Vagina Dentate Purse check, stand

Individuation Dress check

Summer Night Breeze Dress
clear buttons, fan check, add leaves

Fertilization Dress check

I'm Still Here finish, stiffy or cornstarch,

Crate for Defense Mech Coat, ship X
MERKIN finish & mail X
Buy, drill, ship fan X
Ship dress forms X
Frame Oubliette
Clean Threat
Check others
Finish I’m still here
Prep return mailing labels
Buy box in Kansas for return ship of I’m still here
Fishing line
Double stick tape
Sewing kit with all threads
Needles (buy new)
Airplane wire
white extension cord for fan
blow up doll, pump
long screws for fan
postcards to hand out


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