Friday, May 18, 2007

Everything is clean, checked, touched up, wrapped, and ready to go, with the exception of the piece I am finishing for the show. Yesterday, I framed “Oubliette I” in a Victorian oval frame with curved glass. It is there is a peculiar kind of preciousness to handling something very small that has consumed so many hours of your time to make.

I had stretched it onto a rectangle to photograph it months ago, but yesterday, had to cut the oval, stretch it, and put the whole thing together.

(Thanks again, old undergraduate framing "shit job" at Prints-N-Things!)

Today, been sewing all day. Addressing postcards each evening, when I am too brain dead to sew. National postcards go out before I leave on Sunday. On the plane trip, I will address international textile museum postcards, because I don't expect them to come see the show, I just want them to look at my pictures.


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