Monday, May 21, 2007

Today was an amazing day. I love what I have seen of Kansas City. There is something about this place that I find invigorating. The industrial architecture, Union Station, the barbecue (I had awesome hickory smoked barbecued LAMB for dinner tonight), and they play blues everywhere... they were pumping it out into the gas station islands while I was pumping gas! I spent the day blissed out, installing the show in a huge gorgeous space, with its freight elevator and worn wooden floors. It has been one of the easiest installations I have ever done: Jeff and Eddie hung while I prepped the dresses. They were amazing, coming up with quick and creative solutions to several challenges that came up. The show looks great, very dramatic, I did not have as much room as I anticipated, so I left one piece out. Will post pics tomorrow or Weds.

Mo oversees exhibitions here, and he has the most amazing truck covered with mosaic tile, done by students at the Art Institute. I was going to cover my '79 Toyota Corolla with glass blobs a few years back, but it died before I got around to it, so I am insanely jealous of this truck. (click to enlarge)

Slept well last night, but still pretty wiped. Tomorrow, go back to check lighting & photograph... if I have time, will hit a few galleries & the Nelson Atkins before heading back.


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