Sunday, June 10, 2007

5 hours a day on the highway is really taking its toll, but I saw more amazing art yesterday. Today might be my last day driving into LA, my spine feels as if it is in a giant knot from the past month of travelling and driving, I need an ibuprofen drip in my car.

Yesterday went to Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, a complex with 25-30 galleries in it. The Santa Monica Museum was there, and an AMAZING japanese paper store that also carried bookmaking supplies. I could have spent all day and dropped lots of $$ that I don't have, so I bought some sample packs and a catalog. Gorgeous handmade papers, as well as gampi paper, rayon paper, lots of transparents, patterns, etc. Yum. There were about 4 galleries that really blew me away, some were closed for installation. With one hour left before I got back on the highway, I decided I could fit in one more thing so I went to the Hammer Museum. My friend had recommended the shows here, and they did not disappoint. The first was a small solo show of 199 small paintings by Song Kun... lovely minutiae of daily life, melting into the canvas.
Eden's Edge: Fifteen LA Artists, was fantastic. Some of these artists I have seen elsewhere (one piece was in the foyer at the last Whitney Biennial), but there was enough work here to really appreciate those whose work I have only sampled before. I loved about half of the artists, one or two seemed to be curious because of their obsessiveness, but lacking any real punch. But Rebecca Morales.... I wanted to chant her name, these works were SO beautiful. Watercolor, ink and pastel on calf vellum. After so many years of making and teaching art, I LOVE when I cannot figure out how something was made. I don't think the enlargements even BEGIN to show the magic of her work. Beautifully drawn, gorgeous, seductive, intricate, SIMULTANEOUSLY SERIOUS & WHIMSICAL. See how the universe feeds you and answers the questions you ask if you just keep your eyes open?


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