Sunday, June 03, 2007

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Defense Mechanism Coat. 150 lbs. of roofing nails. All the major veins and arteries of the body embroidered on the flesh-colored velvet interior.

Individuation Dress, with the mantra "I am not them." embroidered across the dress. The bodice has a sash that wraps around it several times before dragging on the floor. The sash is embroidered with "LOVE•GUILT•LOVE•GUILT". The "I am not them." mantra disintegrates as the dress does towards the bottom hem.

Summer Night Breeze Dress. So lucky to have this window. There is a hidden fan blowing it from above to make it flutter.

Physical Memory/Last Goodbye Dress, recording all the body parts that touch during a last embrace.

Vagina Dentate Purse, Fertilization Dress, and Fertilization Purse.

The Hair Embroideries portion of the exhibition can be seen here.

Been very busy here. Being at the Surface Design Conference is like being at Disneyland, not knowing which ride you want to run to. The show went extremely well, and, as if in answer to my recent post, so many things happened as a result of this show, that if even a fraction of the things I discussed with people actually happen, I will be a very happy artist indeed. Things wind down today, and we fly home tonight, everyone itching to get into their studios as a result of all this stimulation. There is an AMAZING painting show at the Kemper museum here, Phantasmania, and if you are a painter, you should see about getting the catalog. If you are a wealthy painter, fly to Kansas City, because you could look for days at the two room's worth of paintings. Will post some names to google when I get home.


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