Friday, June 15, 2007

I apologize in advance for perpetuating the hype, but it IS art news: Damien Hirst interviewed by Joe LaPlaca on ArtNet. Mr. La Placa stands in front of The Object, and comments, "When the glittering photos of For the Love of God were released, I was sceptical, particularly given all the pre-show hype. But nothing can prepare you for the effect of seeing this astounding object in person." Mr. Hirst speaks about empowering artists, finding a different way, presenting himself as a DIY guy. It is important to note that he was validated through the system first, and only THEN had the capacity to go this route.

David Hockney blames IPods for bad painting , art like Damien's, and even bad dressing, in the Sydney Morning Herald, via

"THOSE who prefer a well-painted landscape to a diamond-studded skull or a roasted corgi now have a culprit to blame for the contentious state of contemporary art: the iPod.

The artist David Hockney believes the ubiquitous music player is contributing to a decline in visual awareness that is damaging art and painting in particular. It even makes people dress badly.

Speaking on the eve of his 70th birthday, Britain's best-loved living painter said the proliferation of iPods - Apple has sold more than 100 million worldwide - and other digital music players has combined with a decline in art education to create a 'fallow period of painting'."


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