Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Got back from Chicago last night. Found an Italian deli close to the hotel that provided me with arancini that were every bit as good as the ones I fell in love with during our honeymoon in Sicily. We listened to some "not just plain old blues, but gutbucket blues.... like, in the alley... with the rats." Had a drink at sunset at the top of the Hancock building. Made my Ivan Albright pilgrimage, saw some great art in the galleries, met with a few friends.
Felt so guilty about leaving my painting that even though I took a sleeping pill, I got up from bed and painted until the wee hours of the morning. Which reminds me.... back to work.

P.S. I just found out that Elizabeth Murray died a few days ago. Discussion about her subject matter has prompted a great post by the ever insightful Ed Winkleman about how we look at paintings differently when they are painted by a woman vs. a man. Murray was an artist's artist. I remember an interview with her on one of the videos I used to show my BFAers... she had a family, apparently, in addition to her intense studio life, and did not spend much time networking. Her line was "when was the last time you got a great idea at a cocktail party?", and I think of that often when I am setting my priorities.


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