Saturday, August 18, 2007

"I would call that man a born artist whose soul nature has from the very beginning been endowed with an ideal, and for whom this idea replaces the truth: he believes in it without reservation, and his life's task will be to realize it completely for himself, and to set it forth for the contemplation of others.... from the beginning, I felt within myself the existence of a standard by which I could shape my own judgement... and, strictly speaking, its shaping has been my life's main task." - Hans Von Marees

After a day of painting yesterday, took my husband to a Patty Griffin/ John Prine concert last night at the gorgeous Booth Amphitheater. Being back in a place where I can go to outdoor summer concerts is one of the best things about getting out of South Florida... almost none of the people that I like to see ever toured there, and I have been trying to make up for the ten years of concerts that I have missed at every opportunity.


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