Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Secret Indulgence

Got my "Raised in Craftivity" postcards today.
(click to enlarge)
The weekend after Labor Day, I am off to Kansas City again. I am taking down the Belger show, and attending the opening of the "Raised in Craftivity" show... I can't wait to see the work, there are some great people in the exhibition. After all the work is done, will be scoping out some of that amazing Kansas City lamb BBQ, and going to the new wing of the Nelson Atkins (It opened a day after I left last time.... and how lucky am I? There is a Kiki Smith show there right now.) I have unofficially sold a piece, so that means I get to make a trip to Anthropologie while in the big city. Normally, my shopping is done at thrift stores, often altering or augmenting my finds, but whenever I sell a piece, I pick one extraordinary thing out at Anthropologie, John Fluvog, or buy a vintage 50s dress from Ebay. The rest goes back into feeding my artmaking addiction.
The sale of this painting is inexorably intertwined with this velvet coat in my mind:
The last two sales bought me these red boots and these shoes, only my shoes were in teal.

And every time I put them on, I remember the painting... think about making it, about letting it go, and I visualize it on someone's wall someplace and hope they are enjoying it.


Blogger Jennifer said...

WOW!! Those shoes are freaking awesome!! ;) Sooo U! Congrats on the sale!!

11:56 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

... and, (I swear I am not getting any kickbacks) they are comfy as can be. They can easily make it through a whole art opening, and the afterparty as well.

1:25 PM  

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