Thursday, August 09, 2007

Third glaze on the shirt and pants.

I remember in grad school, the professors would pop into our studios 1-2x a week. Most of my colleagues had a new painting to show them each week, or every other week. I was in there day and night working, but when the professor came in, I often would have to point out what I had been working on, because essentially, the imagery looked the same, just more intense or more volumetric.

This figure is especially difficult as it is very small: only 10 inches tall. Have to finish glazing the pants (below the hips) before I leave for Chicago, which means another late night, as there are lots of other things to do before leaving. Wish I could stay and work, but the thought of seeing those Ivan Albright paintings, and the chance to scout galleries from a free hotel room is just too good to pass up.(click to enlarge)


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