Monday, September 03, 2007

"Becoming a playwright involves a very public learning process. You have to be brave to make mistakes in public." - Louise Page

Woke up early this morning to paint.... the skylight was casting leaf shadows across my canvas. I always do the hardest stuff first thing in the morning, when I am fresh.... the things that make you hold your breath when you paint them, because you simply CANNOT mess them up. This morning I was painting the barely perceptable wisps of hair in front of the ear and at the nape of the neck.

This is a working holiday weekend for my sweetie and I, at least during the daylight hours: too much needs to be done. The weather has broken and it is beautiful outside... if we meet our respective goals, we might sneak in a root beer float and a motorcycle ride late this afternoon.

Art grant season is descending upon us, and I will only be filling out 3 or 4 applications, as painting is the priority this year. I am also skipping my usual fall conferences, in a single-minded attempt to finish 2 canvases before Art Basel Miami Beach.


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