Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This article in the Village Voice was referenced by Ed Winkleman this morning (I swear I read about 10 art world blogs/newsites to keep up, his is just usually the best):

Youth is a Prize (Price?) in Chelsea's Art Galleries
by Christian Viveros-Fauné

So nice to see someone address this issue head on in a review.
"So, in my previous life as an art dealer, I learned a few things. First, always pretend that you live on the sunny side of the street (even if it's raining tax audits and razor blades). Second, it's always possible to raise the price of an object, but not lower it. And third—but by no means last—in the art world, it's correct to curve age down. It drives collectors nuts, among other things, to know that their artists are old enough to be lawyers and gastroenterologists.

In the art world, youth is a prize (price?) commodity. No surprise here. After all, why should the art world be different from the music and the film businesses? As things spiral upward in a bullish economy, collectors, curators, artists, and dealers think they've earned the right to create their own Britneys and Justin Timberlakes. But the bulls have morphed into bears, you say? Well, then, it may be time for a reality check."

One of the ways in which I seem to be blessed is that I often get ideas, and while they are percolating, I get some kind of "sign" (frequently in a circuitous or subconscious form) that this particular piece should be moved to the front and made. The above article was a such a sign. You'll see what I mean in a few weeks.


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