Monday, September 24, 2007

Worked until 5 a.m., was afraid I would fall off my step ladder, so I slept from 5 to 8, got up, painted some more, shot and emailed images around 11:30 this morning. Painted some more 'til 4, hoping to get one area I like to a point where I could mail one additional image. Decided that the area I was working on was not far enough along, so I did not email the last bonus image I was hoping to email. On top of this, the publication could still choose to publish something that is already finished, despite requesting the in-progress shots, and the night could have been for naught.

Most of the painted heads from the previous post are the size of my thumbnail, it is an odd place to be, working on these tiny faces with 20/0 brushes in the middle of the night. It is amazing that I do not wear thick glasses by now.

Still brain-dead, despite a mid-day nap. Swiped the following Frank Gehry quote from the Hungry Hyena blog, in my current mental state I could not figure out how to link to that specific post, as the usual tricks are not working. The quote is from Gehry's essay "The Relationship Between Art & Architecture":

"The true artist is like a drug addict; he dwells in a tight little dream world all his own, and the men about him, whom he observes obliviously spending their days pursuing money and power, genuinely puzzle him, as he doubtless does them. He prides himself on being an unbribed soul. So he is byway of being a philosopher, too, and sometimes he makes art not because he suspects that so many of the other concerns of men are equally unimportant. Under his smiling coat of tan there often lurks a layer of melancholy and disillusion, a quiet awareness - and acceptance - of the fugitive quality of man and all his enterprises. If he must chase a will-o'-the wisp he prefers that it be art. And so the artist arts. It is at once an act of humility and small rebellion. And it is something more. To him his art is an island of reality in a world of dream and shadow."

Which reminds me... we watched "Bukowski: Born Into This" this weekend, and I loved it. One of the highlights of the documentary was Tom Waits reading "The Laughing Heart". I have read some of his poetry, and the film based on his short stories, "Love Is A Dog From Hell", seen 20 years ago, became somewhat iconic for me, and is not unrelated to my painting "Fate of A Technicolor Romantic". The film was impossible to find for two decades, then was reissued as "Crazy Love", and I have done some research, but can never find out why the film disappeared, only to resurface under a new name. Nevertheless, I need to get me some more Bukowski.

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Blogger Glenda said...

Hi Kate, Wow, I haven't pulled an all nighter like that probably since my Thesis 2 class at FIU. Not sure how I would hold up, probably take me a week to recover. I am sure all your hard work will payoff and no matter which image of yours they choose, it will be fabulous. Now, get some sleep. ;-)

9:22 AM  
Blogger Kate said...

It is taking me a few days to recover. I have been painting easy big flat areas all day today. But I like having these big pushes on the work once in a while.
Your pic is beautiful, looks like an old master drawing.

10:37 PM  
Blogger Glenda said...

I understand what you mean about the big pushes. I seem to work much better under pressure of a deadline. Without one, I tend to procrastinate. Talk about sabotaging oneself. But whatever works. Thanks for the comment about the photo. It was taken by a local photographer here in PR who is a good friend of mine. He does excellent work. Bartering for services sure comes in handy these days.

12:02 PM  

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