Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Art World Truth #2", thrift store overalls, worn to paint "Fate of A Technicolor Romantic", embroidery, 57 x 19".
Just finished this afternoon, these are the raw photos... the pants in this series will be ultimately be stretched flat behind plexi in wide ornate gold frames. I am dying to start the next one, so I am off to get thread tonight.



Blogger Jennifer said...

Jennifer Koivu is ur #1 fan ;) I will paint, Kate! I will!! I promise u will be proud that one of ur ex pupils actually grew A LOT from ur teachings. I'm so greatful to have taken one of ur classes before u hitched on up to NC. If I hadn't I would never have had the pleasure of reading ur blogs. And I still have that dream that one day I too can make a living solely on my artwork. U rock!! ;P

11:12 AM  

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