Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Have been putting in 14-16 hour days, but I haven't posted because I am mostly fussing over details on what is already done, and completely revamping another part of the painting (oh, and a misc. grant application). This guy
had to go, he wasn't earning his keep, not interesting enough for the amount of space he was taking up. He may appear elsewhere in smaller form. I needed another air kiss, in a more conspicuous place, so he got bumped.

I am living a unidimensional life...... nonstop painting, with occasional moments of working on/agonizing over what I am going to wear to the opening next week. Got the email show announcements today.
(click to enlarge), but I will not send them out until I can announce the new website simultaneously.


Blogger Lisa Hunter said...

Thanks so much for letting me know about this show. I think it sounds fantastic. I'll definitely go see it.

3:43 PM  

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