Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Starting to get excited now.... spent the last few days getting as much painting done as I could before leaving. Head to NYC tomorrow for the opening of "Pricked: Extreme Embroidery" at MAD.....

keeping my fingers crossed that they don't lose luggage containing the leaf dress!
(this time I am wearing it with a short jacket, as it is going to be chilly)
Blogging may be a bit spotty for the next few days....
Here is a list of the artists involved in the exhibition:

Ghada Amer (Egypt)
Stephen Beal (US)
Karin Birch (US)
Mattia Bonetti (Switzerland)
Susie Brandt (US)
Michael Brennand-Wood (UK)
Lou Cabeen (US)
Morwenna Catt (UK)

Judy Chicago (US)
Sonya Clark (US)
Orly Cogan (US)
Annet Couwenberg (the Netherlands)
Ana de la Cueva (Mexico)
Andrea Dezso (Romania)
Marcia Doctor (US)
Tracey Emin (UK)
Angelo Filomeno (Italy)
Sabrina Gschwandter (US)
Paddy Hartley (UK)
Petter Hellsing (Sweden)
Kent Hendricksen (US)
Emily Hermant (Canada)
Cindy Hickok (US)
Sybille Hotz (Germany)
Hella Jongerius (The Netherlands)
Dafna Kaffeman (Israel)
Maira Kalman (US)
Nils Karsten (Germany)
Shizuko Kimura (Japan)
Kate Kretz (US)
Nava Lubelski (US)
Christa Maiwald (US)
Ray Materson (US)
Mark Newport (US)
Clyde Oliver (UK)
Laura Owens (US)
Maria Pineres (US)
Elaine Reichek (US)
Tilleke Schwarz (The Netherlands)
Carol Shinn (US)
Laura Splan (US)
Tamar Stone (US)
Berand Strik (The Netherlands)
Miriam van der Lubbe (The Netherlands)
Paul Villinski (US)
Benji Whalen (US)
Davin Willburn (US)
Simon Withers (UK)
Xiang Yang (China)
Inez Zust-Gericke (Germany)


Anonymous PainterP said...

For more on Carol Shinn (one of the artists on the list) check this out.

12:01 AM  

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