Tuesday, November 13, 2007

That time again.......

I have not yet read the catalog from the Extreme Embroidery show, only looked at my page. My long-awaited copy of Learning to Love You More came today, and I flipped through it for 1 minute, then put it on the stack. All but the most critical mail is piling up on my desk. The house is starting to look like hell. Kevin is beginning to take my turn cooking: when he doesn't offer, he gets a 15 minute dinner. I need to sit down and write about ten thank you notes to the various players from the last week. And the emails....
I will not be able to sleep tonight, as I am at that point in the painting when all the groundwork layed in the past six? seven? months becomes the springboard. The point when things start to happen, the point when I begin to glaze and it becomes one of "my" paintings.
All I do when lying in bed is think about what I am going to do next to the painting, so I might as well be doing it.


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