Friday, December 14, 2007

My friend Elmer sent me this link to the Roberta Smith review of Lucien Freud's show at MOMA... an exhibition I will be sure to catch on my next trip. I am a big fan of his paintings, but have a special affection for his more neurotic, early work.

I am on another road trip, but managed to photograph my newest embroidery before I left. I had something completely different planned for these overalls, and had already embroidered two words, but en route to Miami, I decided to spontaneously embroider something more relevant to the art fair, as I planned to wear the overalls to the opening. I usually print out my text and make patterns, but these were embroidered freehand, in the car, en route to Miami when I should have been sleeping, but couldn't. I worked on them intermittently through several days whenever I was not occupied, but they were ultimately finished 15 minutes before the press opening of Art Miami, followed by my husband keeping watch while I changed from my back-up outfit into the overalls, in the car, a few blocks from the fair.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, I'm professor in documentation studies in Norway and also a dedicated overalls fan and I am fascinated of how clothes like overalls can document life and thoughts, especially when you start patching, making embrodery etc. on them and your work sort of express just that and I'm considering in trying to make a book about overalls with all kinds of people telling their story about overalls ! would you like to be part of that ? I am also so obsessed with overalls, forgive me for that !, that together with other overalls fans I am organizing an international overalls day November 20th, see more on my blog , best Niels aka bibprofessor

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