Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

The last of my guests left yesterday at noon... spent the rest of the day a bit shellshocked. It seems as if things have been happening at a breakneck pace for for months now, even years. Since I started "Blessed Art Thou"... no, since I moved here. Ironic to move from a major metropolitan city to rural NC, and have the pace of my work life pick up so much. Making a commitment to full-time artmaking, particularly with the caveat that it could only be continued if successful after a limited period of time, made me push harder than I ever have before (and if you you know me, you know that is a hard RPM to amp up)

I said when I was working on BAT that, when it was finished, I would be taking some time to read, catch up on some films, work in my sketchbook, organize and gestate my ideas a bit. That never really happened. So the plan right now is to start a new hair embroidery or two, but concurrently map out several hours each day to read or play in my studio and see what develops. I feel it is rather critical to make time for this process right now.

I will break the new routine briefly to head up to NYC next week: SO looking forward to the group show opening, "The Heart is A Lonely Hunter" at 31GRAND Gallery in New York. (It should be a fantastic show... I will be showing embroideries... hair, and others as well.) Will cram as much art seeing as I can into that trip, then come back and resume the schedule. Hope that your 2008 is amazing!


Blogger Glenda said...

Happy New Year Kate. Congratulations on all your successes this past year and may the new year bring you even more.


7:46 AM  

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