Thursday, February 21, 2008

Artus Interruptus

Well, I was on a roll... playing in my studio like I have not done for years, mixing painting and fiber in new ways, experimenting with light, ordering new oval and round frames, embroidering... I was still working en route to Pittsburgh for an unexpected funeral (have your living place tested for carbon monoxide), and on the way back. When I came back, my husband had ripped down all the ugly paneling, wallpaper, and a partition in the kitchen. Because he did all of that (and the priming), I did the painting and faux finishing, and restained the moulding. The original plan was to do my part over the course of a few weeks in the evenings, but the exciting news that two friends from my old Miami art gang planned a visit to the Kate & Kevin B&B sped up the process. So I have been climbing on scaffolding & painting for almost a week now. I am in pain and exhausted, and have been more than a little bit cranky thinking about the stuff waiting in my studio. But phase one of the kitchen renovation is done, it looks awesome, and I am back in the studio on Sunday, with no interruptions as far as the eye can see. Tomorrow I meet Elmer & Jane in Seagrove to see what all the fuss is about, then we come back here for more NC fun this weekend. Will be serving Tapas in my new kitchen...


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