Monday, March 03, 2008

70° and Sunny Burlington today, and a great artmaking day. After an early trip to the gym (following a pistachio cake w/rosewater buttercream weekend), I embroidered veins outside while imbibing my morning coffee. Then up to the studio for lots of hair embroidery.
Dyed some fabric. More hair embroidery. Got an itch that I have been ignoring for weeks to do some mixed media pieces on paper... today I started the process by painting paper my favorite shade of Virgin Mary blue,
and hitting Michael's for more colored paper.

I am hoping to get the lips on the hair embroidery done by end of day Wednesday. I have promised this piece to a gallery, and need to finish it soon. The problem is that I have been experimenting and sketching for an hour or so each day and have all these new ideas, but the fact that I can't dive into the new projects full throttle is driving me nuts. I realized this morning that I simply could not go one more day without doing what my hands want to do, so I will take some time each day to prep or begin work on these new things.

I desperately need a hand and forearm massage. Instead, I will embroider more veins, then ice my wrists.


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