Thursday, March 27, 2008

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The Insanity of Hair Embroidery
I am reaching that point in the hair embroidery where I begin to question my sanity. From what I can see, the few other contemporary artists sewing with hair are at least smart enough to buy or collect very long hair and tie it all end-to-end, creating consistent "thread". They sew in a linear or graphic, flat style. I am choosing from seemingly endless variations of colors and thicknesses, tying each hair off at the end. I agonize and pull out stitches that are not subtle enough. My hands and wrists ache from tying tiny knots at the end of each strand of hair.

The internet has provided the world with opportunities to see any kind of "extreme" creation. People email each other fantastic sculptures made out of ice, the amazing things that people have made with toothpicks, and other curiosities and pathological manifestations. I am sure that half the people who see this work assume that I am sending it to China to be made.

Artmaking as penance in a non-believing world.
Visceral and tactile materials used on piece that will most often be seen as a 72 d.p.i jpeg.
3 months of my life to create an object that will sell for half the price of a designer handbag.
Cramping physical making while the most famous artists of our day are overseeing corporations and managing brand identity without touching materials.
, fellowships, awards, excellent reviews, university tenure... and I will likely make less than minimum wage on this piece.

But today, as I craft the most subtle clouds possible, the studio window is open. The birds are singing, the air smells like Spring, and I get to spend my day doing what I love, and it doesn't get much better than that.



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