Sunday, April 13, 2008

An Addiction, Like Any Other

If you are one of the loyal masochists (or sadists) who have been following the creation of this piece for the past three months, you know that this has been a long road.

My husband, God bless his soul, asks me how it's going every day. Recently he began asking me daily (with great cheerleader enthusiasm) when I would be finished, and, after the deadline was pushed back 4 or 5 times, I finally said, exasperated, "I have no idea... I have absolutely no idea."

It gets so exciting at the end, as it nears completion, but as I work on one area of the piece, it inevitably requires work in some other area. You tighten one area, then another looks unfinished, or you up the contrast in one area, then other parts look shallow by comparison. The past few days, I was frequently heard to say, "only a few more hours", or "there are only 5 more things on my list to fix"..... "only 3 more hairs...."

After a few months of regular studio hours, I have been at this piece from morning till night (and sometimes well into the a.m.) for the last few weeks. On the weekends, I tried to take time out for some human activities and quality time with my hubbie, but embroidered up until the last minute, and ran back upstairs after our walk or meeting in the hammock, to get back to work. The closer I got to the end of the piece, the more single-minded I became, and the more I hated to be interrupted. Many of my responsibilities have been on hold, I am behind on my emails, I owe several thank you notes, and, as usual at the end of a project, my studio is a mess. I have been icing my wrists each night before I go to bed, to ensure that I will be able to work to fullest capacity the following day.

But it is finished. Or, I summoned my willpower and stopped myself. Because this piece could, theoretically, go on forever, as could I. I ripped it off the backing and disassembled the embroidery frame, just for good measure. I am on the wagon again, at least for the time being. Official pics tomorrow, when it gets framed.


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