Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Working my butt off trying to finish this piece. Started wearing heat patches on my shoulders during the day and icing my wrists, elbows and shoulders every night. I finally broke down and went to my physical therapist for some work and got lots of shit from her for not stretching enough and not drinking enough water (I do both of those things, just not ENOUGH, because i get involved and forget...). Sorry for the lack of thoughtful posts, it is a pretty intense time.

Hoping to soon announce my inclusion in a few good group shows for this and next year.

Put out a mass email to acting students at Elon University, because I need to get some models for the next few series I will be working on. About 30 people responded, so I asked them all to send pictures and I have to find some time to look at all of them and sort them out. I will be shooting for 3 or 4 different paintings or series, and so I have to do this massive spread sheet as to who will work for which paintings, etc. so that I am ready for them when they show up.

This weekend I will be putting the final touches on a long-brewing project that I hope to announce and launch early next week.

And, for some reason, I feel like doing some extreme cooking. I am making carrot gruyere cheese souffle tonight. My husband has never had a souffle.

Today listened to Joni Mitchell and Joni Mitchell covers all day long. I feel myself surfacing back up to the world as this hair project winds down and I get ready to let loose on some experimental pieces that will provide some immediate gratification. And little-to-no repetitive physical exertion.

P.S. loved Jan Hoffman's Sunday NYT article on gallerinas. and you HAVE to see the new 3D Bjork video.


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