Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back to the Drawing Board

One of the things I have picked up from reading about really productive artists is that they go into the studio every day, even if it means that they are doing "busy work". I have spent the past few days sick and kind of out of it, so I figured it was my time to do "busy work", despite the fact that my husband kept reminding me that artists can take sick days too. If you are ambitious and/or compulsive about artmaking, it can be really difficult to have a day, let alone two, when you are not producing anything. This would explain the normal condition of my studio. It is not as bad as Francis Bacon's Studio (ok, nowhere near as bad), but let's say that I often go from one project to the other without doing major cleaning, because
1.) I am always anxious to start the next project, and
2.) because a day spent cleaning is not nearly as satisfying as making anything.

The fact is that there are so many unglamorous, non-product producing things that need to be done in the studio, and days when your brain cannot function, but your hands still can, seems the best time to work on some of those tasks. For all the things I DID do Mon & Tues, there are still packets to send out, updates to the website & blog, more technical prep work for the new projects....... but today, it's back to the angel.


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