Friday, May 23, 2008

Decided that the dripping ice was too much.

Yesterday I had some doctor's appointments, stopped for lunch, and opened my sketchbook while eating. Got a great idea for a political piece using some material that I have been holding on to for a long time. Got home, and found a call for entries sent to me by a friend, for political pieces addressing the upcoming election, and the piece I was thinking of will be PERFECT for it. So this morning I was ripping apart a ready-made to reconfigure it for my piece. (If any of you live in the Southeast and do political work, email me and I will send you the prospectus)

While I was out, I stopped at Uncle Bud's Fabric and Foam (huge inventory of wide rolls of material, mostly upholstery) for fabric to reupholster my dining room chairs, and found that every fabric was on sale for $4 a yard! That's tapestries, brocades, etc. So I got lots of swatches and tomorrow will be buying up fabric for some upcoming art projects, as well as fabric for everything I want to reupholster in the next 5 years. I asked how long the sale would go on, and the nice lady said, "until the boss calls up and says stop".


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