Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Robert Rauchenberg is dead. I had occasion to meet him once or twice in Miami. A kind man whose contributions are like thousands of raindrops, hitting the surface of the water and creating infinite ripples.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was able to meet him, too, as an art teacher working with special needs students (he was dyslexic and he wanted to give back to art programs for children who had to cope with school as he did). That year and every year for at least two decades, he provided for a small stipend for about twenty or so annually selected teachers around the country to buy art supplies for their special needs students - all from his own income.

The one thought that came to me when meeting him - and it was a casual cocktail party or the like - was that he was one of the most down-to-earth, happy, laid back "guys" I had ever met - quick witted and kind. Not at all what you would expect from one of "the" super star artists.

What a true loss - a kind soul and a wonderful artist.

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