Friday, May 09, 2008

So Much Floating Around in My Brain.....

There is a good post at Ed Winkleman's today.
There was also a link in his post yesterday that has me working on a long post of my own, one that ties together today's EW post about animal abuse, The Chocolate Jesus, censorship, articulation skills of artists (or lack thereof), artists' statements , and censorship.

Still trying to come up with a title. I like "Thicket".

Very excited about this period of experimentation in the studio. Yesterday Mary asked why I did not paint the roses, why I used collage (wallpaper, actually) instead. For over two years, I have wanted to take some time to play in the studio, as I feel a new direction brewing. I have been concentrating for the past few years on major paintings and hair embroideries, projects that take 3-9 months each. Although I am also prepping for some new experimental paintings, I feel that it is essential now to do some pieces that are faster and less labor-intensive, so I can get some ideas out there in a more rapidfire way. Doing this kind of work is essential to feed the bigger works and allow them to evolve.
It is frustrating to have ideas for things that I want to do that would take several lifetimes to execute, so I have to find a way to make some major leaps in a shorter period of time.

Speaking of work, time to get to it. Not happy with the way that the hair ties the medal to the paper, so I must redo it before I shoot.


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