Friday, May 09, 2008

"Thicket", 2008, gouache, collage, hair, medal on colored paper, 24 x 18".
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Still not happy with the pics. will shoot on the camera stand tonight, and send it out if I am still not happy. Losing lots of subtlety in the painting, and the colors not accurate or as intense as they are in the painting. I redid the medal, and it is still not right. I think the tie-in with hair worked in this drawing, but does not work in this instance, because the hair is too light. Will remove the ring, and sew the top of the medal to the paper with hair.

Trying to work from an especially intuitive place these days, without asking too many questions. That place is leading me to guardian angels, roses, thorns, martyrs, relics, Virgin Mary Blue, red, hair, light, framing devices, ovals and circles, playing with picture planes...

Amended medal attachment:

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