Monday, June 30, 2008

Had a great time this weekend at The Blue Bayou watching the NC Blues competition to see who will represent the state at the national competition in Memphis. Discovered the amazing duo winners Jon Shain and F.J. Ventre (they do not have a duo webpage, here is Jon Shain's page, but solo he does more mellow acoustic stuff, and the duo was really hoppin'), and the group winner Valentino and the Piedmont Sheiks, who have a harmonica player who does things with that instrument I have never seen before (aside: isn't it amazing that there is only room for one Narcissistic Personality Disorder member in any band?).

Today, doctor's appointments and embroidering stars, which are SO close to being finished, it might happen tonight. Today got the first large, ornate gold frame to frame Art World Truths... looking forward to assembling & photographing tomorrow, then adding 5 new images to the webpage (dread).


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