Thursday, June 05, 2008

Here are the curtain tiebacks I made with a 1950s necklace, augmented with some contemporary beads:
The dining room is starting to look like a tasteful bordello. It still doesn't have enough edge. The problem is this Early American dining set with matching curio and buffet that fills up the room... Kevin's Mom passed away 2 years ago, just when we were moving into this house sans dining room furniture. I could work with ANYTHING but Early American. I tried to replace the drawer pulls, but can't find replacements that fit. Eventually, the largest level of the curio cabinet will get a diorama, and that will help. I am threatening my husband with a tablecloth made of couture-quality orange rubber. I think that would negate the furniture.

Tonight will be a late night painting a (lame... using stencils, with possible augmentation) floorcloth to cover the spot on the kitchen floor where we have torn out a wall, and there is a hole in the linoleum.


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