Thursday, September 04, 2008

It seems I spend more and more time these days doing sketches and mock ups of what things are GOING to look like in order to convey my idea to someone who wants to get the newest work. Above, I am trying to create a rough and clunky idea of what this piece will be when finished. The assistants I will soon be hiring should help with this exciting but insane situation.

This is a big week coming up. The Political Circus show opens tomorrow at FAU (I need to email some friends and ask them to take pics), and 4 of my newest pieces will be in a show that opens next weekend at Chelsea Galleria in Miami. In a few weeks, the new MAD museum opens up on Columbus Circle in NYC, and the curator will be wearing my thank you tie for the festivities. Back to work. As you can tell, I am feeling better... though am still taking a power nap here and there. : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kate, as an expressive arts therapist now turning fibre arts student, the psychological approach you take to the needle arts and others, like your 'penises' piece, feels akin to my vision of things needing exploration and a voice. Thank you thank you thankyou for doing what you do.

Mary-Frances Fox

8:02 AM  

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