Monday, October 27, 2008

Busy, busy.....Off to Greensboro to Fed Ex hair embroideries to the Van Gijn Museum, Dordrecht, Netherlands. Upon my return, will finish vein embroidery. Need to get it done and photographed in order to send out newletters of current shows with link to slide show of new work to be placed on Flickr.

Also planning a brief trip to NYC mid-Nov to see some shows, pick up hand-me-down Peanut paraphernalia from my siblings, and have a meeting with the curator at The Drawing Center (yippee!). This requires getting prints made of the drawings that are currently out circulating, putting together a portfolio of drawings (LOTS of de-framing), and perhaps even driving north of The City to pick up the hair embroideries that will be released from a show up there two days before my Drawing Center appointment.

Just received word that Political circus at FAU will be extended though the 15th of November.


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