Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From The Trenches

Doing my thing in NY while being five months pregnant is kicking my butt. I am used to coming here with a daily agenda as long as my arm, leaving early in the a.m. and not coming back until late at night, walking all day. This trip, I am able to accomplish about a third of what I normally do, and I have to stop for more rests.

Yesterday, went to the always inspiring Folk Art Museum (highlight: Henry Darger show), and then got a real treat when I went to visit my cousin who works next door at MOMA. The museum is closed on Tuesdays, so I had the rare opportunity of seeing the night Van Gogh exhibit in an almost empty gallery. Have had the images on my brain since. I also got to take in the new Pipilotti Rist installation, which was GORGEOUS eye candy, chock full of disparate references.

Today, I plan to see the Catherine Opie Show at the Guggenheim, the Morandi show at the Met, and have my viewing program meeting at the Drawing Center. (those of you who have not yet done it should apply....). They are really interested in stretching the definition of “drawing”, so I have brought some fiber works (beyond just the hair embroideries, which already fit the criteria) that I hope will help them fulfill that noble purpose.


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