Monday, November 24, 2008

I am finally home from a multi-destination, 10 day road trip. I missed my puppy so much, I made them give Radley back to me, even though he was not dry from his bath after 10 days of boarding. Though I am in the middle of 3 new pieces, artmaking will likely not resume until Sunday, when my Thanksgiving guests depart. My friend Sarah has recently finished this amazing drawing:
and, a detail of the lower left corner....
"This Little Empress Has Built Her House Of Cards Upon A Quagmire"
graphite on Arches hot press watercolor paper
36 x 21 inches

Sarah is so talented, but is not much of a self-promoter. Someday a lucky curator is going to walk into her studio, flip through the dozens of pieces, and think that he/she has died and gone to heaven.


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