Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New Book
I haven't really addressed it here, but for about two months now I have been on a little "art world" hiatus. I have been reading art reviews and articles about artists, but staying away from most of the up-to-the-minute "art world" blogs I usually read (I guess I still did the occasional check-in with Ed Winkleman....). Avoiding reading about "the art world" (as opposed to reading about art) was a type of experiment to see if it affected my studio practice. It's hard to gauge how/if it affected my practice, as I seem to have replaced it with an obsessive following of the elections online. But I do realize that I really didn't MISS reading about the art market, art gossip, etc.

While slowly dipping my toe back into the water, I discovered that there is a new book I needed to order, :Seven Days In The Art World", written by Sarah Thornton, a sociologist. ArtWorld Salon interviews her here.


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