Monday, November 10, 2008

Recent Activity
Finishing the heart piece allowed me to set into motion a range of long-overdue activities. I put up a Flickr page highlighting work of the last 10 months. Then I put together an newsletter email (with a link to the Flickr page and a list of upcoming exhibitions) and mailed it to my mailing list. Over the weekend, I read almost all of Sarah Thornton's Seven Days in the Art World, and will finish it tonight and list it to sell used on amazon, as I often do with books I don't need to keep. The book did give some insights... I was particularly interested in reading about Murakami's studio, to get a different glimpse of how he uses assistants. There was a chapter on a CalArts critique that was frustrating to read, a day at Art Basel, a day at the auctions, etc. I am currently reading about a day at ArtForum. I would recommend the book, as it is a fast, engaging read, and provides lots of information about how the art world "works". Of course, we are already in a different art world now because of the recession, and while that knowledge dates some of the information in this recently published book, it also provides a sense of melancholy when reading, particularly if one missed the opportunity of riding the crest of that wave that is no longer.

Saturday, I got up at the crack of dawn and drove to Charlotte (almost two hours away) to attend an "Artist as Entrepreneur" seminar. It was a long day (9-6), then I had to drive back home, and this is just the first of three Saturdays in the seminar. Because I essentially used to teach this course at FIU, I would not normally sign up for a workshop like this. I have walked out of lots of events just like this one, because I am incapable of sitting still if I feel like I am wasting my time. But this was a very good seminar: each 1-1 1/2 hr module was taught by a different person in their own area of expertise, and they gave us lots to think about and provided some new, updated information. Because I am working on adding some high-end, limited edition pieces to my website, and because I am hiring assistants, I felt as if it was the right time to do a refresher course and reframe some aspects of my studio practice.

This week, the plan is to prep for NYC.... I am working on 1-2 final pieces that I hope to present at the Drawing Center, and (ugh!) unframing many drawings to put in my portfolio that will have to be reframed upon my return. As I have been embroidering in my den for the past month or so (cozier), I also need to get my studio back in shape so that I can prep for other human beings to be working in there.


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