Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back home, exhausted. My husband and I got in the car and drove 12 hours in each direction to pick up some of my oversized work that I have not seen in a while. My magnanimous husband did almost all of the driving: my job was to shift my 29-weeks-pregnant body around in a futile attempt to find a comfortable position while doing some brain embroidery, reading and computer work.

It is always comforting to have work return home.... especially work from the past few years that I never got to live with, because I have been sending pieces away as soon as the paint dries.

Spent Saturday working in my studio... my assistant Libby came, and helped me stretch a large canvas on the wall, then she gessoed it. As I cannot really prepare a nursery because of our imminent move, I am doing a large work on canvas that will hang in the baby's room, one that I might add to and exhibit, or simply move to hang above our own bed when The Peanut develops tastes of her own. It will not be unrelated to some of the work I have been doing in the studio lately with Guardian Angels that don't come through: I am planning a large Pre-Raphaelite angel hovering over the crib, throwing stars into it. The room will be sky blue with clouds, getting darker towards the ceiling & around the crib, and above the crib, an image with a similar feel to Edward Robert Hughes' "Night with Her Train of Stars",
.....the image will be not quite so ominous, I might choose a different angel, or lighten up the wings a bit, perhaps give her a vermillion gown, and she might drop stars instead of poppies.

The big news is that we have finally received word that we will be moving to the Washington, D.C. area this Spring. Back to civilization at last... dinner parties! art openings! Indie movies! I could not be more thrilled... I have so many old friends in DC. We will be a short train ride to New York, closer to most of my family, and what better time to be in Washington?...... I'm sure the good vibes are palpable.


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