Friday, July 24, 2009

In an email I received this morning.....

"Thank you so much for your recent inquiry to the XXXXX Foundation regarding grant opportunities to individuals working in the arts.

The current, virtually unprecedented economic crisis has hit small nonprofit arts foundations such as ours especially hard. At this time, we cannot sustain the level of giving that we offered in years past. We have received an overwhelming number of inquiries and are not equipped at this time to process and, in all fairness, grant sufficiently in proportion to so many new potential new applicants. The XXXXXX Foundation will NOT be holding an open call for new applications this year; instead, our 2009 call for applications will be an invitational for prior grantees only."


Blogger sarahpetruz said...

Not knowing anything about the foundation that sent you this email, it seems disturbingly exclusive against new non-profits or emerging artists who may actually be struggling more than those that are already established.

The flip side is that the prior grantees are in such dire straits that they are looking anywhere for help.

All in all, it is overwhelming and depressing and has become tiring defending the necessity of funding the arts and artists.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

it is interesting that some grant agencies prefer to fund those that they have already funded (saves them researching & meeting to decide about new people?), while others only fund people once, or the artist have to wait a number of years before applying again. Different philosophies....

5:16 PM  

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