Wednesday, September 23, 2009

About Dash Snow (and Other Bad Boy Artists)

What Pretty Lady said

and later elaborated upon: ".....there are thousands upon thousands of undeniably talented artists in the world who are not drug addicts, and who live productive, responsible, giving lives, producing wonderful art. We don't hear much about these artists, largely because people such as yourself choose to focus on artists like Dash Snow, egged on by a corrupt and dysfunctional art establishment.

If you are really interested in art, not in glamor, fakery and misery, look for some living artists to canonize. You'll do a lot more good for a lot more people."


Blogger Kate said...

.... not to mention the fact that there are a hell of a lot of artists who have had lives that were just as difficult as these "tragic figures".

I could easily go on Oprah with my childhood stories. But instead of destroying myself and acting out, I feel the pain, get therapy (drugs if necessary), and put it all into my work, which saves me.

2:39 PM  

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