Monday, November 23, 2009

Crazy busy. I will be teaching an experimental drawing class in January, and there were about 30 books from my personal collection that I desperately needed to teach the course that were in the very back of a storage pod that was stacked with boxes 7 wide, 6-7 tall, and 10 deep. In the middle of these layers were tied off pieces of plywood and one of my husband's motorcycles. My amazing husband spent Saturday unloading the pod (that was originally loaded by 3 burly men) & loading it back up again so I could get to my books. He saved me untold time and grief... many of the books that I needed images from were exhibition catalogs & out of print books. We never anticipated that we would be living in limbo so long, or that I would teach a class here this soon.

In other news, Nov 20 was International Overalls Day. I opened my mail to find that I received an "International Overalls Day Award" for my "Art World Truths" series. The professor who sent me the award lives in Norway and is writing a book on overalls. I am almost finished with the newest Art World Truth piece.... I have had to fill in the text on this one, because it is embroidered on a print dress.


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