Saturday, March 17, 2012

Yesterday most of the day was spent running around talking to fabricators to get displays designed for the odd pieces that will go in the show. My non-embroidering (hoop holding) wrist is showing signs of wear. Icing wrists, arms and shoulders like an athlete. Luckily, the main (left) wrist was operated on a few years back, and is good as new.

I remember sitting in my shrink's office a few years back, telling her that I had to stop doing this before shows.... it was taking years off of my life each time, and besides, it wasn't good for the work to be made under these conditions. "Oh, really....?", she said, "think of your 3 strongest pieces.... under what conditions were they made?" Touché.

Hubby & child at St. Patty's day Parade. I reassured my husband that his partner will be back in a few weeks.


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