Sunday, April 22, 2012

Been so busy since touchdown/return from Miami... show went well. Sold some work, saw some old friends/ex students. I am very pleased with the how the exhibition looks, but it is different from most solo shows I have had, much more intimate and tight.

Most of my life, I have had solo shows composed of huge paintings.... here all the pieces were small, compact. And as hard as I worked on this show, all I can think about is the work to come.  Working small gives such freedom... all my large paintings take months of planning, preparation, execution... so much investment of time and effort, they have to earn the right to exist. I feel unfettered and inspired, excited. And it is Spring.

There was this incredible few moments when my daughter first came into the gallery on opening night. She has seen me working on all this stuff for the past few years, and she ran into the large square gallery and was euphoric. I was in the center of the room, near where my nest was installed on a pedestal, and she would run out to the walls under each piece, and look up at it, then turn around and come running back to me in the center, a huge smile on her face, and would jump into my arms, and say, "MY Mommy!" I was enjoying her glee and her hugs, but it really didn't register with me at the time what she was saying, because I did not think her capable of putting all of this together... it was the first time she had ever said anything like that. Worth all the pain of the past few months.


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