Monday, February 04, 2013

2-3 weeks ago, had rotator cuff surgery... arm to be in a sling for another 3 weeks, but, luckily, it was my strength arm, not my precision arm, so I am still able to work, by choosing my projects carefully. Prior to surgery, I made a commitment to do a piece using mosquito netting for a benefit auction at my gallery, so I spent my first two weeks of recuperation embroidering a mosquito onto the netting, while watching some good movies. The piece is below, it sold for $800, which will provide 80 nets for Venezuelan families.

On Friday the 1st, "Adornment", featuring works from the Belger Family Foundation, opened at the Belger Art Center in Kansas City. My Defense Mechanism Coat was included, along with work by Terry Allen, Shae Bishop, Nick Bubash, William Christenberry, Viola Frey, Misty Gamble, Ellen Greene, Guy Johnson, John Kacere, Kate Kretz, Marilyn Levine, Ed Massey, Jack Mendenhall, Moses Nornberg, Judy Onofrio, Herb Snitzer, Renée Stout, William T. Wiley and others from the Belger Collection.

Currently working on 3 different projects, including hair embroidery, silverpoint drawings on silverpoint, and my first works in pyrography!


Anonymous Bunny Mazhari said...

What you can accomplish while relatively incapacitated eclipses by miles what most artists produce under perfect conditions. You are a marvel and an inspiration Kate. Get well soon!

12:30 PM  

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