Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Crying Trump Becomes a Meme

Trump called a "national emergency" last week because he wanted money to build his border wall (after promising that Mexico would pay for it). He also admitted that it wasn't really a national emergency. My drawing, “Futile Fantasy: A Glimmer of Self-Awareness, And The Subsequent Remorse” (2017, Prismacolor pencil on black Rives BFK paper) was made into a meme, and featured on Freethinkers United For Change's Facebook page, where it was shared 2200 times. They credited the meme-maker, but not me, so I politely asked them to add my name to the post. I think a few of my friends did, too. Instead, they took the post down. It was subsequently shared on Occupy Democrats' page, where it was shared over 13,000 times. The irony is that the drawing was originally featured in Hyperallergic's "Drawing In a Time Of Fear & Lies" series (along with an essay I wrote), entitled, "Sociopaths Don't Cry".


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