Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Supercraft Revolution

A few weeks back, I posted on a few articles in recent European magazines that spoke of the emerging trend of craft in contemporary art. My friend Orly called my attention to this Noah Sudarsky article in the NYPress entitled "Taking a Craft... Supercraft: The New Insider Folk Art". It is a great article where he coins the new phrase "Supercraft" to describe many of the shows I have been participating in as of late, specifically mentioning the current exhibition "Narrative Thread" at Lyons Wier Ortt.... I especially appreciate his observation on the importance of the hand made object: "Outsourcing cannot be an essential component of Supercraft, which, like crafting itself, suggests an eminently personal investment in the production process. Providing instructions, à la Donald Judd, and then letting someone else do the actual labor, using robotics and computer-aided manufacturing techniques, is not Supercraft: It’s industrial art."

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