Saturday, August 24, 2013

A few weeks ago, I put down Radley, my studio dog of ten years, and it just about broke me. After a few days of simply taking drugs and going to bed to get through the days, I started working on projects around my house, because I cannot bear to go into the studio without him. Here is a couch I inherited from my deceased mother-in-law:


and After:

I used to sit on this couch with The Goob, so I turned it into a beautiful Klimtian field of flowers. He slept with me until I met my husband, and was not allowed on any of the furniture until he was diagnosed with lymphoma 8 months ago, then I insisted he be allowed on this one couch so I could pet him all the time.

I have also done two new pieces, both about 3" around, embroidery on human hair. Both will be mounted on black velvet and framed with ornate round silver leaf frames.

"Hag" and "Unruly". I have 6 group shows in the near future, so it is a busy time in addition to going back to school and teaching oil painting again for the first time in years.