Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Kickstarter campaign for #bullyculture

I have been consumed with the creation of a very difficult, and scarily prescient, body of work for 5 years now. It is work that many have told me that they wish they could show, but, for various reasons, could not. I have had 4 galleries close in the past decade, and have operated independently for several years now, making work that is not exactly "perfect-over-the-couch-I'll-take-two" material. I am nearing the final stretch of preparing this work for my solo exhibition at York College, and I have prepared a Kickstarter campaign to help me with presentation and details for the final push. If you appreciate artists who "unflinchingly speak truth to power", please consider a donation of time, money, or even a "share", to get this work out into the world. Thanks!
You can check it out HERE.